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There are now various compliant payroll models available to contractors working either independently or via a temporary recruitment agency. Edward Thomas is a full-service payroll company who offer a complete suite of payroll options including Umbrella and the increasingly popular Joint Employment model.

This full-service provision ensures that we can cater for all types of assignments irrespective of contract rates, length or sector. Inspired by the continued growth of the temporary employment market, Edward Thomas adopts a deliberately flexible approach to ensure contractors are paid via the most appropriate model to suit their professional circumstances.

All of our payroll products are underpinned by transparent calculations whereby a contractor can see exactly how much they earn and how much they pay in tax, national insurance contributions and statutory deductions. Fully compliant payslips illustrate all gross-to-net transactions to provide contractors with an accurate understanding of their take-home pay.

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Standard Umbrella

Still one of the most popular payroll options for contractors, the Edward Thomas umbrella model is a fully employed solution including standard employment rights including sick pay, holiday pay and pension contributions deducted at source. Approved and audited by Professional Passport, the Edward Thomas umbrella product is popular among thousands of contractors, temporary staffing agencies and hirers alike.

Joint Employment Arrangements

Increasingly complex supply chain arrangements in a variety of sectors have given rise to the so-called Joint Employment payroll model where responsibilities for the contractor are shared between Edward Thomas and the recruiter or hirer. Particularly prevalent in the healthcare and charity sectors, Edward Thomas offers a compliant and transparent payroll facility to applicable contractors.

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