Approved & audited by both Professional Passport & APSCo

Fully Compliant Payroll Services for Agencies & Contractors

Edward Thomas is a proven compliant provider of outsourced payroll solutions for recruitment agencies, temporary contractors and end-user clients. Our processes and procedures are audited and approved by both Professional Passport and APSCo (The Association of Professional Staffing Companies) which combine to protect the interests of all those clients and contractors whom we represent.

These endorsements help distinguish compliant and ethical payroll providers from the myriad of rogue companies still prevalent in the industry. Our services shield the professional interests of both agency directors and contingent workers against the risk of either future liabilities or debt transfer. An additional layer of protection is provided by a comprehensive insurance policy (up to £5 million) which is included as part of our Professional Passport affiliation.

With the contractor supply chain subject to ever-increasing scrutiny and strengthened employment legislation, choosing a demonstrably compliant payroll provider has never been so important. Edward Thomas is committed to developing meaningful and long-standing relationships with all our clients and contractors through which we can thrive and maximise our commercial potential.

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Professional Passport

Edward Thomas is approved by the esteemed Professional Passport organisation which remains the most recognised compliance standard in the contractor payroll industry. Having the right to publish the Professional Passport stamp is only granted after a forensic audit of all aspects of the payroll process; this includes demonstrable and transparent ‘gross-to-net' pay calculations, proven HMRC submissions, evidence of correct holiday pay disbursements and all other relevant deductions, plus the distribution of compliant payslips complete with a full breakdown of all deductions.

A further advantage of our Professional Passport accreditation is that all entities who engage with Edward Thomas are protected by an insurance policy of up to £5million including contractors, agencies and hirers.

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APSCo (Association of Professional Staffing Companies)

APSCo is an esteemed trade body committed to promoting best practice and professional excellence in the recruitment industry. Edward Thomas is a founder member of APSCo's newly launched and much heralded Trusted Partner initiative which identifies fully compliant businesses via a comprehensive company audit and five independently verified client Testimonials. The prestigious Trusted Partner status is only awarded to companies who adhere to an exalted Code of Contact and who comply with all aspects of UK employment legislation.

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Umbrella Leaders Association (ULA)

Edward Thomas has joined the recently formed Umbrella Leaders Association (ULA) which serves as a forum for compliant payroll providers to share information and promote best practice among its members. Membership criteria includes payroll transparency and demonstrable compliance from all members to ensure the organisations ethos is upheld. The ULA is a welcome addition to the outsourced payroll sector and further highlights the industries inherent desire to operate both ethically and professionally. Edward Thomas is delighted to embrace the ULA's philosophy and actively contributes to the endeavours of the organisation.

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