Fully compliant payroll calculations & transparent statutory deductions

The Advantages of Choosing Edward Thomas

The advantages of being paid through Edward Thomas are multi-fold and range from receiving accurate and timely payments, plus the ability to access a variety of additional benefits and services via our commercial partners.

In the first instance, all gross-to-net earning calculations are included on fully compliant payslips which provide a transparent overview of all transactions and deductions. Contractors receive a text message in advance to payments being made on a Friday to allow them the opportunity to raise any queries. All payslips are stored on a contractor's online portal for safekeeping and future analysis if required.

Contractors can also receive preferential benefits from a growing list of commercial partners including Smart Pension. Please click here to find out more.

Instant Registration

Maximised Take-home Pay

To ensure you receive the maximum amount of gross-to-net pay, Edward Thomas will ensure that contractors are paid via the most appropriate payroll model for their professional circumstances. All tax and National Insurance contributions are calculated (and paid) in accord with current HMRC guidelines and paid at source, providing complete peace of mind.

Weekly or Payroll

Edward Thomas makes payroll runs daily, so contractors are guaranteed to get paid on time irrespective of their assignment schedules. We encourage all those paid via Edward Thomas to keep in touch with our team to ensure that all of their affairs are managed accurately and appropriately. Our experienced team of payroll professionals are committed to minimising any hassle or unnecessary admin.

Multi-agency Service Provision

We recognise that many contractors now work through a variety of temporary recruitment agencies often simultaneously, and our processes and procedures are designed to seamlessly manage these scenarios. The continued growth of the contingent workforce in the UK and indeed the so-called gig-economy, dictate that Edward Thomas offers contractors a totally flexible service.

Multi-sector Specialists

As the benefits of utilising the contractor community become increasingly apparent to employers across all sectors, Edward Thomas has the experience to manage the payroll affairs of contractors working in all industries. We have particular expertise in the following sectors; automotive, aviation, construction, education, engineering, rail, healthcare, manufacturing, logistics, veterinary and hospitality, among many others.

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