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Thank you for visiting the Edward Thomas website, which is dedicated to helping contractors, freelancers and agency workers maximise their take-home pay and access an array of additional benefits.

Edward Thomas provides contractors with a compliant payroll partner genuinely committed to enhancing their earnings potential and professional aspirations.

Supported by a like-minded network of service providers, choosing Edward Thomas activates complimentary access to a vibrant community inspired by the opportunities and benefits of working independently. Quite apart from offering a portfolio of products and services, Edward Thomas also serves as an invaluable information hub to keep contractors abreast of new employment legislation, taxation issues and special offers from our network.

To find out more, simply complete the adjacent Instant Registration box, and we will send you your free contractor pack, plus further information regarding the benefits of joining us.

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Register with Edward Thomas and receive a free contractor pack including document wallet, 8GB USB memory stick and lanyard with identity envelope. To enable us to distribute your free Contractor Pack once you have registered with Edward Thomas, please email your full name and address (including postcode) here or using [email protected].

We aim to send you your free Contractor Pack within 48 hours of receiving your registration details.

Compliant Payroll - Protecting your interests

All payroll services provided by Edward Thomas adhere to exacting compliance standards and are approved by both Professional Passport and APSCo. 

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